👉 Why this repository?

Hi there 👋 I'm Rohan, APM at Atlan, and I spend a ton of time thinking about what the ideal data discovery experience for data practitioners should look like. I realized that data teams spend loads of time trying to navigate and understand what's out there in the space (which seemed like a huge time sink 😅) and so I decided to open up my research. Hope this helps!

📚 Reading this repository

I've categorized the solutions in the space into 4 broad categories:

I do my best to stay on top of new developments and try to be unbiased. In case I missed some product, feel free to reach out!

<aside> 🔎 Where can I find the verified customer master? What does column name ARR_2019 mean? How do we measure annual recurring revenue?

Sounds familiar?

By creating a search and browse interface across data assets, modern data discovery solutions aim to make it easier for data practitioners to find and understand the data they need!


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